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Our hip hop competition company is stepping its game up this year! On this page you will find all of the details. Our goal is to provide our dancers with a more professional standard that we believe will boost our teams over all experience in the dance competition world.

What is a competition company? The BADC Competition Company is a section of our dance center that focuses strictly on performance and precision of our groups. The “crews” or teams within our company are strictly performance based classes that will hold our students to a higher level than the regular “recital company” classes. These classes were designed for students who wish to make dance their top priority and only sport. It gives them an opportunity to step out of the regular classroom and step into a higher level of education.

Each team will practice at least 2 scheduled hours a week learning an age appropriate routine that will be taken to 3 dance competitions through out the season. This class also performs in the annual recital in May. 

Because of the competition companies requirements, students MUST stay in their age group in order to compete. 

Teams / AGE / Practice Schedule
Mini Crew (Ages 5-7) (Mondays & Wednesdays 5:00-5:40)
Junior Crew (Ages 8-11) (Wednesdays 5:30-6:50)
Senior Crew (12-16) (Tuesdays & Thursdays 8:00-8:50)
Advanced Crew (Ages 15-19) (Thursdays 6:00-7:50)


Experience is not a requirement to join any of the teams EXECPT FOR THE ADVANCED CREW. The dancer must be able to pick up choreography quickly to qualify. Dedication is the number one expectation. It is a team effort to win competitions. When one child misses class the entire team suffers. Our goal is to make dance a sport for those who truly enjoy the art. All practices are mandatory throughout the season. A child who misses more than 3 practices is subject to removal from the team.

Tryouts & Informational Meeting:
YOU MUST ATTEND ONE OF THE FOLLOWING TRYOUTS/MEETING TO REGISTER FOR OUR COMPETITION TEAMS!! Online registration is only available for returning students!

Friday, August 16th at 7:30pm

Saturday, August 24th at 5:00pm

Financial Responsibility:

Registration Fee: $200

(Registration fee includes track jacket, team tank & seasonal company office expenses)***Register before August 2019 and receive an early registration discount of 10 %


(Tuition pricing includes costume, recital t-shirt & year end performance video)

Competition Company Registration Fee: $200 / Student - must be paid to reserve your students place on the team. Includes: Personalized Track Jacket, Competition Tank & Seasonal Company Office Expenses.


Competitive Solo, Duo, Trio Program - For Advanced Dancers Only. Must have a solo interview with Ms. Mauri & Parents to be accepted into the program.
Season Tuition: $1,476 ( Option to make 9 Payments of $164 starting September 1st **Includes Costume, recital t-shirt & year end performance video

+Comp Company ONLY option: Add a foundations class for only $10 / month

Advanced & Senior Crews -
Season Tuition: $909 ( Option to make 9 payments of $101 starting September 1st )
**Includes Costume, Recital T-Shirt & End of Year Performance Video

+Comp Company ONLY option: Add a foundations class for only $10 / month

Mini & Junior Crews -
Season Tuition: $711 ( Option to make 9 payments of $79 starting in September 1st )
**Includes Costume, Recital T-Shirt & End of Year Performance Video

+Comp Company ONLY option: Add a foundations class for only $10 / month

Competition Entry Fees

Hall Of Fame:
March 27-29
Solo - $130 / dance
Duo/Trio - $140 / dance
Small Group - $55 / student

Groove Regionals:
April 24-26th
Venue: TBA
Solo $115
Duo / Trio $67 / dancer
Small Group $50 / dancer

Groove Nationals:
June 29th - July 3rd
Venue: Bally’s Atlantic City, NJ 08401
+Additional Nationals Fee $99 / Student
Solo $120
Duo/Trio $69 / Dancer
Small Group $54 / Dancer

Price Per Student:
Solos / $130 + $115 + $120 + $90 = $455 (2 Payments of $227.50)
Jr Comp  / $47 + $67 + $69 + $90 = $273 (2 Payments of $136.50)
Mini Comp / $70 +$67 + $69 + $90 = $296 (2 Payments of $148)
Teen Comp / $55 + $50 + $54 + $90 = $249 (2 Payments of $124.50)
Adv. Comp / $55 + $50 + $54 + $90 = $249 (2 Payments of $124.50)

Payment Option:
1/2 Due with November Payment
1/2 Due with December Payment

​(due to the high rate of sell out - we will need to be fully registered for all of our competitions no later than December 2019. If payment is not received in full, your child will not be permitted to continue.)

Fundraising Opportunities:

Starting in July 2019 we will be holding several fundraising opportunities for all competition team families including, but not limited to:

-sponsorship letters

-yankee candle fundraiser

-krispy kreme sales

-Zapa Snack

-and many more

**If you are motivated, realistically you can have your entire season paid for through these fundraising opportunities as students have in the past. 

Bradford Area Dance Center

657 South Ave, Bradford PA
(814) 596-0060