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Welcome to the new BADC format!

We know change can be hard. We know that change can be undesirable. We know that change can be scary. We want to make this transition as easy as possible for you and your family!!

Please know that we love your children so much & want to do everything in our power to make this a positive and encouraging experience for everyone. We want this to be a season where they feel seen, loved and heard.

We have built in a new system that will allow us to comply to the CDC regulations, protect our families to the best of our ability, and allow us to get back to doing what we so deeply love: to dance.

Split Season

We are excited to announce our new SPLIT SEASON format! This is something that our team has talked about for several years and have found this year to be the perfect time to begin.

The new format is an incredible way to allow our students:

-To have more performance time on stage.

-To take more than one style of dance in a year.

-To allow new students to join us in the spring.

-To allow families to take time off when needed without cutting their time short.

-To provide families with a shorter commitment when needed.

-To allow students who wish to dance year round the opportunity to do so.

-To provide a quality education at an affordable price.

Here is what this will look like:
One year, two dance seasons.

Spring ’21 Season (Feb 15th - June 12th)
**Recital dates are tentative until we receive confirmation from the high school.

Students will learn a new dance number for each season. They will have different costumes, songs and themes for each performance.

Your family will have the choice to participate in both seasons, or maybe choose one that fits your schedule best.

Students will be permitted to take the same style of dance all year, but will also have the opportunity to try something new with each season if they wish. (Certain styles such as Pointe, will require a full year commitment.)


Students will only be required to pay one registration fee for the full year.

+Students who register for the fall ’20 dance season will have their spring ’21 registration fee waived.

+Students who choose to only participate in the spring ’21 dance season will be required to pay the registration fee to reserve their place in class.

+Registration fees are non-refundable. Please be sure you are ready to make the commitment before reserving your child’s place in class. 

Our goal is to keep the class scheduled the same for both seasons. Please keep in mind that there may be slight changes to the schedule based on what we are permitted to do & what time we have available to us. The Spring ’21 schedule will be released in November 2020.

Enrollment numbers are limited to follow the CDC guidelines of social distancing. We have been forced to limit our class numbers to 10 students. As many of you know, some of our more popular classes in the past have had up to 18 students in our classrooms at a time.

To compensate for lost studio space, we have further split our classes into smaller age groups. We have also opened up more sections of the popular classes to allow for all of our students to get back to dancing without over filling the classrooms.

We do ask that you keep an open mind when looking at the schedule. Mrs. Mauri’s schedule is very limited. She cannot possibly serve everyone at this capacity, even though she truly wishes that she could! We have opened up new sections under Ms. Heathers direction & fully trust her ability to provide an incredible experience for your children. I wanted to give her a brief introduction to provide each of you with comfort when selecting your child’s classes for the next dance season.

Ms. Heather began dancing with Mrs. Peggy Johnson at 3 years old. She danced all the way through high school when joining BADC her senior year. She was a member of our national winning competition team in 2016 and jumped right into mentorship under Mrs. Mauri after graduation. She has worked at BADC as a lead teacher, under Mrs. Mauri’s direction for the past four years and has no intention on going anywhere. She is a true asset to our team & is so excited to get back to dance.

Thank you for working with us, being openminded and understanding with all of the changes going on around us.

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Fall ’20 registration will be ANNOUNCED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Spring ’21 registration will be available November 1st, 2020.