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Bradford Area Dance Center


As we take pride in the progress of our students, the following rules have been established to ensure the best in dance education.

~Students must be properly groomed and attired to take class. Hair must be up in a bun, ponytail, or braid. Long hair is a nuisance in class. A bun is required for all Ballet classes. Loose clothing over dance wear is not permitted in class.

~No jewelry (tiny pierced earrings are acceptable)

~No gum, food, or drink (water bottles only)

~One Piece Leotards Only (no beads, skirts OR belly buttons showing)

~Footwear: Dance shoes should be fitted properly. Overly large shoes inhibit technique.

~Underpants are not to be worn under leotards.

~Dance tights are required NOT stockings and fashion tights.

~The Studio strives for a prompt schedule. Please arrive 10 mins prior to class. Parents should escort their child in and stay with them until class begins. Please pick your child up in a timely manner after class.

~Please notify the office if your child discontinues classes. Otherwise you are responsible for any charges or fees incurred up until the date of notification.

To be announced. Visitors (including family members of the students) are not permitted in class unless it is "visitors week". This cuts down on the distractions and gives the students the ability to learn in a peaceful atmosphere. 

Starting the season late or chronic absenteeism due to outside activities is discouraged. The only way to progress in dance is to regularly practice & condition one’s body. Good dancers are committed. The progression of the class is also affected by sporadic attendance. Attendance at rehearsals for recital is mandatory. Attendance at class before the recital is essential.

Cancellations due to the weather will be sent via e-mail and our auto-call system. If in doubt, call the office answering machine for announcement. Studio will automatically close if Bradford Area schools do.

All of the summer & fall class schedules are listed under "Fall 20' Schedule"

Mauri Shembeda, Director

Mailing Address:
657 South Ave
Bradford, PA 16701
Ph: 814-596-0060
Email: mauri.badc@gmail.com